Friday, 24 March 2017

About to take off!

In 1 hour I will take off to London via Dubai. This is the plane I will fly on for 13.5 hours, refuel, and fly for another 6.5 hours! It is also the last post for about a day. I'm really tired but I think I'll make it to the plane.


  1. Alex: How did you get this amazing photo?
    James.R: Did you get to play games on the back of the chairs or were you too tired to stay awake?
    Jack.Ca: What did you eat on the plane? Did you enjoy it?
    James.H: What was it like to be in a different country? Because I have never been overseas.
    Natasha: It looks to me as if this plane is smiling :D
    Keep up the awesome communication! We may have to revisit next term as this is our last day! We have loved reading your updates and seeing the terrific photography! Enjoy!
    From 5S

  2. Thanks for your comments!
    I took this photo from an airport lounge looking out onto the runway.
    I got to play games, there was a screen that came out of the armrest.
    I had some pasta, bread, fruit and a dessert for dinner and an omelette for breakfast on the plane.
    I've been to Oman, Dubai, England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Scotland on this trip!